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Our work with Project Elle began in 2018 when its founder reached out for help with her website. The site needed fixing in just about every way you can imagine: Few people could access it (because of its flash-based set-up), its design was outdated, it wasn’t mobile-friendly, and most of its pages were broken. Not to mention, its content wasn’t strategically planned, leaving the mission of the organization feeling unfocused rather than far-reaching. We knew Project Elle needed a site that communicated its mission and programs well while showcasing it as the “current” and credible nonprofit it’s always been. And we were ready to make it happen.

The new website took Project Elle into the 21st century, and people have taken note! Since the site went live, Project Elle has raised more funds than ever before in its 15-year history.

The Old Website

Project Elle’s website served them well for many years, but as technology changed, it began to not function well and was not giving their donors a great online experience. The website was not mobile-friendly and many pages did not work at all due to out-of-date technology that was no longer supported.

A New Look

The staff gave us freedom to make the site as relevant and user-friendly as possible. They’re only requests: clarity and color. So we started with the basics, refreshing and rearranging existing copy so it made sense to even an organizational outsider. 

By condensing Project Elle’s programs into a single “Our Work” page, we eliminated internal language from the site’s navigation and simplified it altogether. This page not only made it effortless for potential donors to find the information they needed, but showed them the magnitude of Project Elle’s mission. 

From there, the project was all design. To really bring out those brand colors, we separated content on almost every page into color blocks. This created a lighthearted, feminine feel that perfectly aligned with Project Elle’s woman and child-focused mission. Taking this a step further, we worked stock photos of mothers and children overseas throughout the site and included the founder’s personal story on the homepage. 

Just for fun, we cleaned up Project Elle’s logo so it matched the site’s new design. And we simplified the donation process to make it as user-friendly as everything else.

About the Client:

Project Elle is a nonprofit caring for mothers and children in the US and in South Africa. With the help of over 10 programs, they provide preschool education and nutrition, as well as teacher training, and grief support for bereaved mothers.

Let’s do good things together.